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The Ultimate Blueprint to Get Clients on Autopilot using Online and Social Media Platforms!
Learn to create hundreds or thousands of leads and sell high ticket offers THIS week ONLINE and on SOCIAL MEDIA

Learn how to easily find and attract hundreds of people ONLINE who are already looking for your products/services. Learn the secrets of where your business needs to be showing up, and how to powerfully represent your business online & 
on social media. 
Learn how to turn your social media posts directly into new clients and plentiful sales - what to post, where to post, and how to engage in a way where people can't wait to hear your offers and buy from you (without you ever  being or feeling gross and creepy)
Master getting people on a sales call, learn the social media tools to close 1k-25k clients regularly, know exactly what to say on the call while feeling confident and powerful, and learn to enroll people in high ticket programs ($1,000 and above) that they are thrilled to give you money for!
About Your Trainers
Luz C. Gonzalez
Online Business Strategy Expert, International Speaker

Luz C. Gonzalez is a former Berkeley Law educated, International Human Rights and Criminal Law Lawyer, Harvard Published, Silicon Valley Startup CEO. 

Luz has over 10 years experience in the online branding space. She spent 4 years in Silicon Valley running branding and marketing for various companies, including her own tech startup, presented around the U.S. training on online presence and branding for sales to school districts and educational systems, led online branding efforts for an organization supporting over 11k people at UC Berkeley, and currently supports a multi-million dollar coaching organization on digital presence strategy.

Luz is a world-expert in how to utilize behavioral economics, neuroscience, and evidence-based strategies in business online branding, and is committed to getting entrepreneurs like you, to have your business presence online without stress, overwhelm, or confusion. 

Matt Jakstis
Sales Training Expert, Founder of Ultimind Coaching 
and Author of Ultimind System

Matt Jakstis is the Founder of Ultimind Coaching and a Sales expert, having helped build and lead the sales team for one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in America. He personally sold over 2 million dollars of high-ticket coaching programs and lead sales teams to 6-figure weeks using his closing strategies.

Matt began his sales career going door to door as a young college student, offering tennis lessons, ultimately building a clientele that put him through college. He is seasoned in copywriting, digital marketing, health and fitness sales, and financial sales. His combination of high-integrity selling and empirically-validated strategies have allowed him to create a replicable system for training and running sales teams across various industries.

He is the author of The Ultimind System: The Proven Path to Creating Your Ultimate Mind and Life and has led his clients to create 6-figure+ incomes through coaching in real estate, tech, health and fitness, finance, personal coaching, etc. In his spare time he can be found playing tennis and writing on his antique typewriter.
If You Want to Learn How to Thrive Online, This Training Is Going To Save Time Change Your Life
Being an expert in your niche but NOT in branding, marketing, tech, and online sales. It’s kinda like being a doctor whose car breaks down...She’s good at practicing medicine but doesn’t have a clue why her car won’t start and how to get it running again quickly...

That's where we come it - it's our specialty to get 
you winning online FAST 

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While they may show real experiences from paying users of Luz C. Gonzalez Coaching and Matt Jakstis Coaching, their business’s results 
are not typical, and your business’s experience will vary based upon the effort and education of your and your business’s employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control.

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